Error at download


I have problems with downloading of code generated with latest version of OpenAT.

Always I get:

AT  v06.02<


But older versions of OpenAT working properly.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that the OS version in your Wavecom processor (6.02?) doesn’t match the OS version you compiled against (latest SDK has R71). So, if you want to use the latest SDK, then you need to upgrade the OS in your Wavecom processor. (Wavecom has documentation on how to upgrade to R71.)

Yes, that’s it.
Thank you.


I have the same problem: *** ERROR IN HEADER ***

Until now I was useing OpeanAT422 wit 663 and OpenAT425 with 663c firmware.

I just installed OpenAT427 with firmware 663e.

I upgraded my Q2687 to 663e, everything is OK. I recompiled my project, everything is ok but I notice that in the file for the Xmodem project_256K.wpb.dwl
the file header start with “DWLF”. In all other OpenAT versions the file heder starts with “BINCOM”

Does anyone knows why the .dwl is not in the same format ???



In my OpenAT425 in order to convert to X-MODEM the last command is:

c:/OpenAT425/IDE/IDE/1.04.07/sgt/tools/cygwin/genbin.exe -bin ads_main_256KB.wpb -dwl ads_main_256KB.wpb.dwl -header BINCOM
-adr 0x00260000

in my OpenAT427 the last command is:

c:/OpenAT427/IDE/IDE/1.07.01/sgt/tools/cygwin/python/python.exe -E c:/OpenAT427/IDE/IDE/1.07.01/sgt/tools/scripts/ --bin
ads_main_256KB.wpb -dwl ads_main_256KB.wpb.dwl -adr 0x00260000 -header COMPBIN

I used the project Wizard to remake my makefile but the result is the same…

WHY ???