Error in Header when downloading Hello_World


I am trying to download the Hello World sample application floowing the Tutorial.
The answer for the at+wdwl is correct, but when i send the gcc_Hello_World_256KB.wpb.dwl to the target it responds ERROR IN HEADER.

I didn’t succeed to execute the sample in RTE too.

I’m using Eclispe as IDE.

Thank’s in advance for your help!

I was facing the same problem earlier. at first the Fastrack Supreme received the application without any error. and after i ran my program, the Modem crashed and went into Infinite Loop. and i have to re-install the firmware on my modem. after i re-install it, the downloading process faced the same problem as u are. there was an error message “ERROR IN HEADER”. Then i tried to re-install my open AT in my Notebook and the downloading process showed no error anymore. maybe the compiler was corrupted when i crashed my modem or the compiled file didn’t match with the firmware.


IF you have firmware version 7.x in yuor modem, that is not compatible with any earlier versions…


I downloaded the Wavecom Open AT Software Suite v2.02.exe file from Fastrack Supreme page.

I looked at the firmware version with TMT : B63f09gg.Q2687H .

I also tried to upgrade with the firmware 7.1 (R7.1a_01-cus-q26-01.wpk ) thanks to DWLWin. But this tool didn’t succeed to connect with my Fastract.

I’m totally lost…
This IDE isn’t very intuitive!

Thanks in advance for your help!


Have the same problem. Cant’ download Hello World sample to the target… :angry:


I think that your firmware isn’t up to date.
If you are using the SDK 2.02, your modem must have the firmware 7.1a.
You can check the version with the at command ATI3.

You must ask your distributor to deliver you the correct files to upgrade your modem. Then you can upload them with HyperTerminal according to a simple procedure.

It seems to be a big problem today, the modem are delivered with an old firmware and there is no explanation on the website.

I hope your distributor will help you!



Thank you! It Helps! :slight_smile: