Application not starting

Hi to al,

       Actually im using Wavecom Q24 extended for my project. I tried using M2M for the very first time.i carefully followed the cheat sheets to download the application in target mode.Initially i created a project then connected M2M studio with wireless cpu.For building my application in project explorer i selected the project, clicked the option Build Configurations->Set Active->2:[Target]_ARM_ELF_GCC_RELEASE. Now for launching the application i right clicked my project in project explorer i choose the option Run As->2.Open AT Application.Now i got a C local Application window.I selected the Binaries ***.axf and clicked ok and my code got downloaded.Now Target Monitoring Perspective opened automatically and in remote Shell i can see the commands and response


After these commands my code is not running. I tried in hyperterminal also.Dowloaded a dwl file which was previously working.I am succesful in downloading the files.but application is not starting.But it is responding to my AT commands.Please help me

What, exactly, do you mean by that?

What do you mean by your AT commands?


Try giving “AT+WOPEN=7” when you start your application. It will tell you what exactly is going wrong with the application. After the response is received for the command , try to check in the AT Command Guide regarding the reason.

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