Q2400 Module no response to AT command

When the sample appli. hello world is downloaded and started through hyper i am not able to communicate with the module anymore.
the tmt shows followin error Trace
Arm exception 1 aa9 a at every hard reset.
I am using gcc compiler with A type model. Anybody can suggest to cure the situation

Hi suvidh,
As you have downloaded the sample application, it means that there is no problem in the application. The only thing which you should check is that whether you have downloaded the correct .dwl file.
If you have a 16 bit memory module (memory type “A”), then the "Hello World " dwl file for 16 bit memory module should be loaded. This can be found by the name of the dwl file (i.e. arm_HelloWorld_16.dwl etc).

The other thing that you should check is that the version of the core AT software should be compatible with the Open-AT that you are using.
For instance, to use Open-AT version 3.xx, you should be using a core AT software having a version 6.50 or greater. (You can find the version of the core AT software using ATI3 command).
To use Open-AT version 2.11, you should use 6.43 version of core AT software. To use the Open-AT version 2.10, you can use 6.41 version of core AT Software.

Please note that for the problem which you are currently encountering, try executing AT+WOPEN=0 command (to stop the embedded application) and then execute AT+WOPEN=4 command (to erase the application).
In case, this does not help, then you need to use the DwlWin utility to reload the AT software again.

Best Regards.

Thanks for the said solution.
Where can I get DWLWIN From?

Hi suvidh,

you should be able to get it from your Wavecom distributor. If they can’t help you, maybe try the Wavecom contact from the web page http://wavecom.profileo.com/modules/movie/scenes/contact/. But you should ask your distributor or the place from where the modem was purchased first…

Best Regards,