Sending MMS


I am devloping an product which can send the MMS.
Can you please suggest that which wavecom product is suitable for me if I have to send MMS using GSM network.
Will Q24 series product with SIM (wireless cpu) is suitable?.
Also to send the MMS which AT commands, API or development tool is suitable and where can I download them.
Where can I get more information related to this?
Where can I get demo samples which can send mms over mobile network?

Your reply will be appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Hi Yogesh,
If you want to send the MMS, you can use GPRS connection to WAP server (it is the same which transceiver a file to/from WAP server via GPRS). So you can use any kind of Q24 new series for your appl, except Q24Classic (without GPRS function). No AT command for sending a MMS, you must write your own code to format your data to compatible with MMS format before transmit to WAP server. At first, I think you should to have a view about MMS format (many on web). Regarding the sample of GPRS connection, you can find it when you install OpenAT.
Hope it can help you.


Thank you for your immediate reply.

But I am still in confusion to select the wavecom product. Actually I don’t want to activate the GPRS facility for sending MMS. If I have a valid SIM card can I still send the MMS without GPRS activation over GSM network? or is there any alternative to it, because I have to send large amount of data over network from my handheld device.

Please suggest any solution.

Thank You very much

Why do you now wish to use GPRS?

Hi Yogesh,
About the Wavecom product, if you want to use the GPRS connection, you can use the Q24Plus (for exp). For data transfer by CSD you can use the Q24Classic ( without GPRS features). With sending MMS, I think you should use GPRS connection.


Thank you very much for your quick reply.

We have slight modification in our product and decided to send data using (wavecom) GSM network (CSD) SIM without GPRS.
At receive end we have PC connectivity with modem.
So to receive data at PC end will wavecom Fastrack modem (M1306B) with GSM SIM be suitable for us?
Can I add our applications to this modem? How can I add to it?
I want to connect multiple such modem to single PC how can I do this?
To handle data call is there any extra programming required? Any example for this.
Please reply to this questions.

Your reply will be appreciated.
Thank you very much.

At the receive end, any modem will do - it doesn’t even have to be a GSM modem.
A plain old wired PSTN modem would be fine.

If it’s connected to a PC, there would be no point.
See: viewtopic.php?f=19&t=2214&p=8205&hilit=visual#p8205

That’s the fundamental problem with using CSD - you need multiple modems to receive multiple calls!
TCP/IP is inherently more scalable.
Note that you can establish a TCP/IP connection over a CSD call - just as you do with a dial-up modem from a PC. The economics may or may not be favourable…

Anyhow, PC modems are available as plug-in cards, with RS232 connections, USB, etc, etc…

You need to recognise the incoming call, answer it, handle the data transfer, then clear the call

It’s standard modem stuff - just search for any examples of using modems!
The usual suspects for PC stuff:
etc, etc,…

Try googling for “multi-port modem”

eg, I found these:

Hello awneil,

Thanks for your quick reply. It is really helpfull for me.

Thank you very much.

Note that this also means that you need a separate phone line for each modem.

You need to include this in your calculations of whether or not GPRS is cost-effective…