M2m mms

I need to send data from one modem to other.
The SMS are very small.
I need to send more information, maybe MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) woks.
Can you help me to send MMS to another modem?


See: wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … searchFaqs

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multimedia … ng_Service

Do you particularly need MMS, or could you just use a Data Call or GPRS directly?

Yes, that is why it is called the Short Message Service - SMS! 8)

How much “more”?

Would it fit into just a few SMS messages?

Could you compress the data?

How can I do a Data call?
How can I send data between two modems by GPRS?

Exactly the same as you’d do a modem-to-modem call over the PSTN:

At the calling end:

  1. Dial number;
  2. Wait for CONNECT;
  3. Send & receive over the connection;
  4. Hangup when done.

At the called end:

  1. Wait for RING
  2. Answer (or set modem for Auto-answer)
  3. Wait for CONNECT;
  4. Send & receive over the connection.

Note: You may need a specifically data-enabled SIM, and/or a separate number for Data Calls - check with your service provider.

You will either need to go via a public server, or at least one of the units will require a public IP address…

Hi awneil,

In a case I have server with public IP and let say 1000 of wavecom modems in different network operators, some of them behind firewall, and none of the wavecom modems have public IP, How am I going to communicate with those modems using GPRS?

Do you mean that modems have to all the time make connection to this server with public IP?