How Sending MMS


How we can send MMS (whith AT Commands or adl function)



There is no specific AT command or API for MMS.

You have to use SMS (in PDU mode) and DATA (GPRS) services to write your own MMS client.

Use MMS APN/User Name/Password to open a GPRS session.
Open an UDP socket on WAP gateway and use WAP commands to POST your MMS content on the MMSC.
For an incoming MMS message, you have to decode a SMS (notification) in which there is the URL where you have to download the MMS content.

Some useful documents to implement a MMS client:
3GPP TS 23.140


Hi i have the same problem and i don’t know how to send an mms to a mobile phone.
after sending the mms to the mmsc how can i put the number of the phone??? :question:


The phone number is part of the header of the MMS content.

[size=150]How MMS works[/size] ( from NowSMS website)
NowSMS is a SMS/MMS Gateway solution which support Wavecom products to send/receive MMS.