Sending an MMS


hi all,
i’m workin on a project wer i need the wavecom Q2406 modem to send an sms of the positiona data from the GPS unit as an SMS wen instructed by the RM7 LPC2129 microcontroller and i need d Q2406 to take a short mms clip (30 seconds) and transmit it as MMS. Can anyone help me with the At codes??


What, exactly, is your role in this project?


You mean a video clip?

Have you searched this forum, using “MMS” as your keyword?

Have you looked at the application note?

Have you, in fact, done any research at all on sending MMS?


With Q2406 it is impossible to send an MMS without external controller and with AT commands only. You will have to deal with HTTP connection, create MMS as needed by standart, deal with memory to store your MMS while Q2406 does not have a lot of RAM.
You better use Q2687 - it has MMS plug-in in it, a lot of memory and it is new and supported.



The Fastrack M1306B contained a Q2406B - and that could certainly be used with WIP to manage HTTP!


I meant you have only HTTP facility with Q2406. MMS plug-in is not available for Q2406. So MMS stack on Q2406 should be handled manually.


I see.

But, if using an external microcontroller, it won’t have the plugin either - so he’d still have to build the HTTP from first principles!