Handle MMS


I am using old wavecom m1306b. I am not controller developer and I would like to develop MMS receiving. I am using ATcommand AT+CMGL=4 to receive MMS notification (as SMS) but I don’t know how to continue decode this SMS. Is it possible to handle MMS only throught AT commands and C++?

I saw a library on sierrawireless.com/productsa … ernet.aspx. But in this case I need new modem.

Thanks in advance.


There are some application notes on Multimedia message service available on theSierra Wireless website , may be that is of some help to you.To receive or send MMS you will have to use the WIP plug-in and also there is sample application available for MMS under this plug-in.


in this case:

I will need new modem, becouse there is no support for wavecom m1306b.

Can you please link me on some documents about sending/receiving MMS.

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Yes, it is a very old and long-obsolete modem - but WIP is available for it!


Thank You awneil and paruthiv.

But I see that WIP-plugin is under http://www.sierrawireless.com/productsandservices/AirPrime/Application_Framework/Libraries/Internet.aspx and this library is not support for wavecom m1306b.

If is possible to get WIP plug-in (for MMS) for my modem please tell me link.


You can get WIP for that modem, but I don’t think it had any built-in support for MMS - so you would have to code that yourself from first principles. Depending on how you value your time, that could be significantly more expensive than just buying a new modem!
Or several new modems!

I think the M1306 is now so old that downloads are no longer available - you would have to speak nicely to your local Distributor

Perhaps you could explain what you’re actually trying to achieve here - then people might be able to offer alternative and/or more appropriate solutions to that requirement…


I bought new modem Fastrack FXT EDGE.

It support WIP plug-in. I search and found in WIP plugin sample code and documentation for sending MMS, but I need to receive MMS.
I need receive MMS and get all parts.

Can someone just describe how to do it, or show some code or links. I know when modem received MMS it is like SMS with MMS-notification, and after that It should go (throught GPRS) on MMSC and download content. Is it wright?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Marko,

I think you can take the following link for your reference:
sierrawireless.com/en/siteco … ev002.ashx