raspberry pi + q24plus

I bought q24plus a while ago and got it working on my raspberry pi with gammu.
I can send and receive sms messages.

From what I understand now Wavecom is not any more behind these devices.

Now i’m interested on using it
-programmatically over serial port

  • tcp/ip

tried coderzen.blogspot.com/2012/04/se … ython.html
but I cannot get it to work consistently
the message on the phone is displayed as :
SMS over 3G but from Python

where I can find any ref documentation of how to use the embedded tcp/ip stack ?
a hello world example to send/receive sms over serial port

Any help will be highly appreciated


Are you sure that it even has an embedded TCP stack? You might have to do a PPP connection from your RasPi rather than rely on any internal TCP stack.

The Q24 is now quite old and has been obsolete for quite a while.

I notice that there are a lot of these appearing on ebay and even Amazon. Would be interesting to know where they are coming from…

ciao, Dave


Thanks for quick replay!

Because they are everywhere that’s why I thought they are popular and supported.

To send a message and get an ack from the mobile network takes around 8 seconds.
Feels weird.

Can you please recommend the analog on you site which:

  • usb gsm module
  • with sdk + driver, I want to use it in the project i’m working on to send SMS “but fast”

Sending a message with a phone definitely goes faster, can you give some numbers using your devices ?


Hi Ruslan,

All my code is running inside the module (Q26 based) so I don’t have any metrics for sending SMS using a modem as a USB device.

I do know that SMS done as a store and forward and has no guaranteed delivery time - the networks do them as best effort and if the network is busy, the SMS is delayed. My personal best effort is 4 days from sending to when the SMS was delivered! After this effort, I stopped using SMS for delivering alerts and make a CSD phone call instead. Maybe your network is congested?

8 seconds sounds pretty good though.

ciao, Dave