Q2687 module SMS through put rate - Required

Dear Awneil,
We are using Q2687 module just to Send ,Receive and deleting SMS messages after red.Could you please provide more information like

  1. How many SMS message we can send in 24 hours
  2. How many SMS message we can receive
  3. What should be the minimum Time gap b/w two SMS message sending.
  4. Is there any ways we can improve our through put rate (sending and receiving)

Problem we are facing is
Our modem module going into unknown state - No response to AT commands on Hyperterminal ; if we restart(power ON/OFF) it starts working for some more time.

Looking for ward to your valuable suggestions


Hi BR,

Not sure if you are going to address this question to Awneil, hope you don’t mind I add my comments below.

For problem mentioned, can you share which FW is running on your Q2687 module? Are you able to test using latest FW, e.g. R7.46?

For (3), normally as soon as “+CMGS: xx” received from module, you can send the next SMS. For test and play safe, you may add 2-3sec delay but not necessary.

For (4), I am not sure the actual improvement as the time depends also on network, but you may try:
i) use flash as SMS storage (AT+CPMS=“ME”,“ME”,“ME”)
ii) use GPRS or circuit switch, AT+CGSMS=2 or AT+CGSMS=3

Hope it helps.

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Absolutely - the network is by far the most significant limiting factor here.

Note that SMS is most definitely not designed as a high-volume and/or high-speed communication path :exclamation:

If you need high-volume and/or high-speed, then SMS from a GSM device is almost certainly not the right solution :exclamation:

Please describe your goal - ie, what you’re actually trying to achieve here - so that people can suggest appropriate approaches to achieving that end…


Dear All,
Thanks for your inputs/suggestions; There is no code inside the module; we are using it as standalone unit @ for PC application software to send/Receive alerts SMS based on some predefined Conditions.


If the PC has a network connection, then use that to send SMS instead.

If the PC doesn’t have a network connection, it may be better to use the modem to provide one rather than to send the text messages over GSM…