Hi every body.

I have 2 modems Fasttras suprem 20 and I would like to know what is the velocity or speed to send text message.

I have tested with a application called EMG and I got this times:

EMG get 10 message in 0.80699992179871seconds

and gsm modem send this 10 message in 58.270000219345 seconds.

I would like to know if this is the maxim speed modems and if I can change this or what is the max speed of modems?

Tanks for your attentions and I hope can help me.

this has got (almost) nothing to do with the modem, but everything with the reception strength and your provider…

and 14 places of decimals is entirely meaningless!


And don’t forget that SMS does not guarantee delivery in a fixed time period. My best is 4 days between sending and receiving a SMS…

ciao, Dave

Firts nothing, I would like to say thanks for your help, and may be I don’t explain correctly, becuase I just want to know how many messages can send for a minute, considering that, message has 150 characters, aprox.

How many message can send gsm modem for a minute ?

In my case if someone ask me, I could say 10 message, but it is his faster ?

As already noted, it depends on the network: the modem has to wait for the network to say that it’s ready before the modem can send another message.

There is an AT command whereby the modem can tell the network that it has more messages to follow, which can speed things up a bit.

You can also opt to have SMS carried over a GPRS bearer - which might be quicker…

But a GSM modem is really not suitable for sending large volumes of SMS - so it might be better if you were to explain what you’re actually trying to achieve here…

unless you connect the gprs/utms modem to an internet sms-server :wink:

Again, the limiting factor is the Network - not the modem.

eg, see this site: gsmfavorites.com/gsmhardware/

(my emphasis)

If you need to send large volumes of SMS, then a GSM modem is very unlikely to be suitable - you need an internet connection to a Bulk SMS service provider or “aggregator”…
(although, as Madouc suggested, you might use the GPRS modem to give you the internet link to the Bulk SMS service)