Could Q2686 wireless CPU send a MMS message?

I am confuse !
I have Q2686 wireless CPU, and I can send AT command.
If we can send a MMS message to my cellphone ??

You will probebly need to write an Open AT application for this purpose

A MMS client is available in the WIP Internet plug-in of the Open AT® Software Suite v2.20.

See Open AT® IP Connectivity Development Guide (WIPlib v5.10) - Chapter 12 “MMS Client”.

This allows you to send MMS messages from a Q2686 with text, pictures (JPEG) and sounds (AMR).

Is it possible for Q24PL modules?

You’d have to check what versions of WIP are compatible with the Q24, and then see if any of them includes this facility.

If not, you will have to implement it yourself, using the basic TCP/IP facilities…

It seems that it is only supported by OASIS.

Is it possible? I thought it is SMS extension and cannot be solved with mere TCP/IP facilities (or without some kind of web service).

I think it’s still the same underlying GSM SMS service - which is fully supported by all Wavecom devices, and Open-AT.

Any version of WIP provides the basic TCP/IP on which you can build whatever you like!