GSM based application

Dear Sir,

I am doing one GSM modem based project. In this project I am using two wavecom modems of model no: M1206B and M1203A-ON.
One GSM modem is connected with the PC and another GSM modem is connected with micro controller.
In my project I want to use GSM modem as a data transfer media which can be able to transfer almost 2000bytes at a time form one GSM modem to another GSM modem. Is it possible or not?
If possible tell me about the possible ways that can be adopted in my project.

Waiting for your reply.


Note that should be “medium” - the plural is “media”

Yes, it is possible.

Note that you don’t necessaarily need a GSM modem at the PC end: if a phone line is available, you can use an ordinary landline modem.

You can do it in the same way that you’d do any landline modem-to-modem data call.

Or, if GPRS is available, that would give you a TCP/IP link…

Don’t just sit there waiting - spend the time with google, etc, doing some background research!