GPRS connection with New Q24

I use Q2406 module in our device (Q2406 is connected to a PIC uC, which is using AT commands to communicate to Q2406).

I am trying to replace Q2406 with New Q24 Plus, but the GPRS initialization that works with Q2406, doesn’t work with New Q24 Plus.

I would like to know why is that? (Q24 is supposed to be a direct replacement for Q2406 - that is how I understood it)

How can I connect and send data using GPRS with New Q24 Plus using AT commands?

I hope someone can help me with this.

Hi !

Which Open AT version are you using ? And where you using eDLib internet plugin librairy with your Q2406 ?
Cause that’s maybe the problem as with Open AT 3.1X (i.e. 3.12, 3.13, …) you CANT use eDLib ! You have to replace it with WIP librairy.

Hope it helps…

I bought Q2406B with TCP/IP stack and I didn’t use/load any additional library - I have never “touched” the software on Q2406B or New Q24 Plus.

If you know how to check which version I have, I would appreciate it if you told me. I have access only to AT commands…

Ok then, if you are only using AT commands, this is not the problem as the AT commands are the same… (but if you want to know which Wavecom firmware is in your module, use ATI3 command and if you want to know which version of Open AT goes with this firmware, use AT+WOPEN=2)

Your problem looks more like a none enabled GPRS service. Maybe the GPRS service is not enabled in your module (or if you changed the SIM card, the new one is maybe not GPRS enabled). But i dont know how to verify if the GPRS service is enabled or not with AT commands. Maybe the best is to ask your Wavecom distributor… or look in your AT commands interface guide. (if i see something about this i’ll let you know !)


657_09gg.Q24PL001 1954500 102706 18:44



+WOPEN: 2,“AT v03.12”,“AT v03.12”


Does this help?

I removed the Q2406 from the (working) circuit and replaced it with Q24 Plus. Do all Q24 Plus modules have GPRS?

I will probably have to call my supplier about this…

Not really… as i told you, if you only use AT commands, the firmware and the Open AT version is not important…(at least in your case)

Yes, Q24 Plus does support GPRS. But the feature has to be enabled…

But maybe i can help you more if you tell me what error you receive while GPRS initialization (as you said that was the problem, you should receive an error code)

here are few examples:









This “ERROR” made me believe that this commands are unsupported…

Ok, this is not AT+ commands, but AT#… i’m not sure, but i think AT# commands are related to Open AT internet plugin (like eDSoft).

Are you sending the AT+WOPEN=1 to the Q24 Plus module ? If not, try to send AT+WOPEN=1 before the AT# commands (but the AT# commands are maybe different between eDSoft ans WIP, but it is surely documented)

As far as I know AT# commands are not supported by Q24 series. They are changed to something like WIP+
Try to read about WIP commands…


I think I am encountering the same problem right now. I saw somewhere in the forum saying ‘use AT+WCFM=5 to check whether the IP stack is already built in’. If it returns 1 means yes. 0 means not’ For my case, it returns ‘+WCFM:00000000’.
Someone can confirm ‘the IP stack not built in’ for me?
I found the Wavecom document is really well protected, very difficult to dig information, not like Siemens or other brands.
And I tried AT+WIPCFG=?;AT+WIPCFG?;AT+WIPCFG=1; all returns me ‘ERROR’.
How should I proceed?

Forget to mention my OS and firmware version,
657_09gg.Q24PL001 1954500 102706 18:44 from ati3
+WOPEN:2,“AT v03.12” from at+wopen=2
ERROR from at#vversion


Firstly, according to Wallace post, from … php?t=1365 :

It means you only have basic internet services. But this is maybe enough for your application.

Secondly :

It seems you dont have WIPSoft in the module. So this is the problem. AT+WIP commands cannot be used without WIPSoft…

Hi, Colin-tfe,
How can I enable the WIPsoft then?


Hi !

I think you need to contact your Wavecom distributor… Maybe they can send you only the WIPSoft file (but i dont think so…). If not, you will have to send back your modules to receive new ones with WIPSoft installed.

Hi all, to use AT commands fot TCP you have to download special program in your module

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v03.12”,“AT v03.12”

this means that some programm is in, but is it WIPSoft program? Ask yours distributor for this special program. And ask your distributor to clear you in this question, they have to know it.

+WOPEN:2,“AT v03.12”
means that there is no ambedded application.

Best regards.

Hi! Does anybody have same documents or informations about the migration from Q2406B to Q24 plus?



I am trying to connect to GPRS again.

Last time I was able to connect to Internet but the connection closed after a few kB of transfered data. (we then used the Q2406 for that product)

Now I am trying to use the Q24 Plus on a new product and I am unable to connect to GPRS. The problem is with command “AT+WIPBR=4,6,0” because I don’t get the reply “OK” and GPRS bearer doesn’t start.

Here are my GPRS initialization commands:






<<< there shoud be “OK” here according to the documentation >>>
+WIND: 15,3,"+08",4,“08/06/13,06:44:09+08”,6,“1”

+WIPBR: 6,0

If I try to start the GPRS bearer again (“AT+WIPBR=4,6,0”) I get no response…

Does anyone know where is the problem?

Hi all,
WIPSoft is a embedded application that written by Wavecom to support customer do not need to develop their own appl, they can use WIPSoft to make the GPRS connection and TCP/IP communication easily by AT command. WIPSoft was supported for Q24 series and Q26 series, and it is free, so you can contact with Distributor to get it.

I have the WIPSoft on the Q24 but for some reason it won’t start the GPRS bearer…

For some unknown reason GPRS started working…