New Q24 plus module

Hi, all,

I just received the new Q24 plus eval module from the local vendor. I found all the AT# commands are disabled.
When the following AT commands are sent,

it returns +WCFM: 0006,0
it returns 657-09gg.q24PL001 1954500 102706 18:44
it returns +WCFM:00000000

I read the post of … ommand+set
, seems like the module does not come with the IP stack. Am I right?

I used Q2406B before, and it is working fine. AT#APNSERV, AT#UDPPORT etc. are the common commands needs to use.
Is the new Q24 series still supporting AT# command? What do I need to do to make it work?
Please advise.


The Vendor should be able to answer that?

Hi !

read this post : … php?t=1500

Firmware 6.57 cannot use eDLib / eDSoft, but has the WIP internet plugin. The command related to WIP are (as far as i know) AT+WIP… (and not AT# anymore)

Hope it helps

Thanks for your quick reply, man.
May I know where I can find the WIP command set.
I do not want to rely on the local rep as they are not so technical.

so easy to find… :smiley:

But strange how there’s no hits on the Wavecom site… :open_mouth:

Thanks, Wallace.
How to confirm whether the Wipsoft already built in?
Any AT command to do so?
My AT+WOPEN=2 response is
+WOPEN:2,“AT v03.12”
Any hint?


As i told you in post … php?t=1500, if wopen=2 answers +WOPEN:2,“AT v03.12”, it means that there is no application loaded in the module.

The format of +WOPEN:2 answer is :

+WOPEN:2,“Open AT compatible version with module”,“Open AT version of the loaded application”

So if there was an application in your module, you’d have something like :

+WOPEN:2,“AT v03.12”,“AT v03.12”

See pdf document : AT Commands Interface Guide (Specific AT commands section)