Problem with +CGATT in configuration. (and other GPRS at)

I think this is correct topic in this section…

problem with this command and all other GPRS at command’s this command return ERROR! realy strange all other GRPS command’s return ERROR too… maybe problem in dev board? hm… i use very simple dev board… hm… maybe i must connect some PIN of module…

OS: 6.55
OpenAT: 3.10
Module: Q2406B-C

were you able to perform the following command?


where “internet” is the APN server.


not working too =) and all other GPRS AT command’s … very strange thing this like MT not know about it…

in other module (not wavecom) i configure and use GPRS only with AT command’s from PIC… and all working fine so i know what i must to do… but in this case i use OpenAT APP to configure GPRS then i must attach with +CGATT(from app) … but this AT COmmand not working for me… =(

i’m try in TERMINAL program and i have ERROR answer… on ALL GPRS AT command’s… wtf =)

Hi Fallout,
The fact that you are able to execute GPRS related commands from non-Wavecom modules indicate that your SIM card has GPRS enabled.

Hence, the problem is occuring because, GPRS feature is not enabled on the Wavecom module. You can verify this by executing ATI3 command to check the software version. If the software version is not like 655_2406B_gg, then it indicates that GPRS is not enabled on your module. (The first ‘g’ indicates GSM and the second ‘g’ in the software version indicates GPRS).

In such a case, you should contact your Wavecom contact person and ask him to enable the GPRS feature in the module.

Also, you should enable the +CMEE error codes (by giving AT+CMEE=1) command and check the exact +CMEE error that is being returned when you give GPRS related commands.

Best Regards,
Open AT Fan.

yeap my firmware version is gm =(

and then CME code after CGATT is 3 (no allowed)

Tnx you OpenAT_Fan

Hm company who trade this module can’t send to me new firmware, they want to contact to WAVECOm… and then try to get new version… maybe if WAVECOM allow to share 655 firmware version for Q2406B-C module … this is be very good…

as i can undestand i need to send to wavecom serial of my module to get activation key’s… heh ok ok… in progress