Q24plus no connect after ata



We are changing q2406 to q24plus and encountered a problem.
We used q2406 in such a way: external application on at-mega processor and internal application which is used to deal with GPRS. So after the incoming RING processor was sending AT&S1, AT&D2 and then ATA. After ATA module was answering CONNECT 9600 and they were exchanging data.

But with q24plus it is not working. Well not entirely not working but it does not work with internal application running.
If the internal application (with GPRS bearer and so on) is running, then after ATA module does not respond CONNECT, then we have ADL_GPRS_EVENT_ANSWER_OK_FROM_EXT, and ADL_GPRS_EVENT_NO_CARRIER.
If the internal application is not running then everything works fine.

657e09gg.Q24PL001 1961548 103107 17:56

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v03.12”,“AT v03.13”

So, everything I need is to have data from module during connect and after it on UART…

Can somebody help me?


The behaviour linked to the CONNECT message has been slightly modified.
In your case, I think that the CONNECT message should be received when you go back to AT mode.
In order to have the same behaviour as in the past you need to configure the Wireless CPU with AT+WBHV=7,1

I hope it helps.


Well it seems to be a wip-lib bug. We moved to wip-lib 3.0 and CONNECT is beeing produced by the module now.
And talking about this bug - we didn’t see CONNECT message nor in the data mode, neither in AT mode.

Thank you for your help and this command. It may be useful because we still have some differences in behaviour. For example WIND 6,1 may not be produced after hang up.