Q2406b tcp/ip


For school I have to develop a GPRS connection with a tcp/ip server.
I’m using the Q2406b module.
I’m able to connect the GPRS and get an IP from the operator.
But I can’t find any info about connecting a server through a defined socket.
Is there anybody who can give me an example about how to do this
or tell where I can find the right information?

I think is has to be possible with AT-commands but I don’t know how. There’s nothing about it in the datasheet.


Did you choose that yourself, or did the school provide it?

If the school provided it, did they not also provide the documentation?

True - the datasheet deals with the hardware details.

The documents you require are the AT Commands manual (general commands), and the WIPSoft AT Commands manual (WIP AT Commands deal with the IP stuff).

The school got it from a friendly company and they gave me the AT Commands manual only so that will be the problem :slight_smile:
When I get home I will look for the other datasheet.



I’ve found the WipSoft AT commands Manual and I understand that I have to install wipsoft first to be able to ‘play’ with +WIP commands.
But the next question is how do I do that? I’ve been looking on the internet for about 2 hours now and I can find software for the Q26 series, but not for the Q24 series. I don’t think it’s wise to install that Q26 software without being sure that it will work.


Correct - but you need not only the Q24 version, but also the correct version for whatever firmware is in your particular Q24.

Why not contact the company that “donated” this device?

I have contacted them and they will look for it this evening.
Because I’m working on it now I thought it would be a nice try to ask some help on this forum in the meantime.

I checked the firmware (6.50a), but I can’t find any WipSoft for the Q24 series in general.
It can’t be possible that only my donating company has the right software/firmware for it, right?

You better find some other kind of gsm module like SIM300. There are lots of examples for this module and no mess with firmware versions… Well, no option for embedded application too.
If you really need to embed application in this very old module, there are two ways to do it:

  1. Find and install old OpenAT SDK and Visual Studio 6.0. Also find documentation for ADL API and EdSoft API. And then come back to 90-s and write your application from scratch.

  2. Upgrade your module to some newer OS firmware like 6.57g. Install Developer Studio and install OpenAT SDK 3.22 in it. Try to build some simple app and test WIP (I’m not sure is WIP feature will be enabled in your reflashed module).

You can also use the Q24 as a “dumb” modem, and feed it PPP data from an external microcontroller using only standard AT commands.


Wasn’t WIP available with 6.50 ?

WIP lib and WIP soft comes with X57 and newer versions.

Also SDK for X50a is 3.01 and EDSoft version is 3.00. It could be easier to find 'em with exact version numbers.

Maybe the company wasn’t actually being so “friendly” when it dumped - sorry, gave - this module…


Hello, I have read your post and I have exactly the same questions.
Did you find any solutions?
You would help me very much, because it’s the first time I’m trying to use GSM modem and I don’t know what to do… :frowning:

As already noted, your main problem is the use of such a long-obsolete device: https://forum.sierrawireless.com/t/beginner-in-the-world-of-gsm-modems-questions-for-open-at/4811/1

Thank you awneil vary much for your replies… :smiley:

I understand that my modem is very old. :frowning:
As I read in this post genji2508 had a similar problem(Q24 module etc). So the reason I posted was to ask him if he finally found the right development tools for his GSM modem.