Legacy Q2686 GPRS AT-commands

Hi All!

I have legacy Q2686 with firmware v6.63. I can’t establish GPRS connection although Q2686 supports GPRS. Does anyone know what set of commands should I use to create a socket?


Unless you have installed the WIPSoft application for your particular version of firmware, you won’t be able to create a socket using AT commands - although you will be able to create a GPRS session using AT+CGATT (and friends) - but you will have to do all the TCP stuff yourself.

Or you could use the module as a modem and get your host to use PPP over GPRS and let your host do all the heavy lifting.

ciao, Dave

Thank you, Dave!
The problem solved in an other way. After applying AT+WOPEN command I got access to GPRS stack commands.