fastract go can't conect more than 2 device in 1 pc

i use fastract go for sms server appliaction, n need more than 10 device in 1 pc. for 1 - 2 conection with fastract go , no problem . but 3 modem conect in 1 pc, just 2 modem can use (check in device manager just 2 port communication port), anybody have solution with this problem?

That is highly unlikely to be a good idea!

A Fastrack - or any such GSM Modem, for that matter, is really not well-suited for a “Server” application!

Don’t use modems!

Use a proper “Bulk SMS” service!


SMS gateway not only sent sms but receive sms too n respon incoming sms. Usually i use wavecom Supreme 10. but serial port in computer only 1. I try in 3 computer and still same problem.

Yes! SMS gateway services do support both sending and receiving of SMS - so what was your point?