Fastrack Supreme Emulator

Hi all.

I’ve placed an order for the Fastrack Supreme GSM/GPRS Modem.
However, it’s going to take quite a while for it to arrive.
Meanwhile, i’ve written an application in Visual Basic 2008 to send/receive SMS messages.

I need to test the application ASAP to see if it works since i have quite a tight deadline.
Is there a Wavecom GSM/GPRS Modem emulator or a virtual GSM/GPRS Modem that i can use to test my application?

Many Thanks.

What’s the holdup?

These things should be available ex-stock!

Not that I know of.

However, the commands for sending/receiving SMS are pretty standard across all GSM modems - so can you just find a substitute that is immediately available?

Can’t your distributor lend you something?