Send SMS using Telnet

Hello All,

We have a Wavecom Fastrack Supreme directly connected to a server that uses the SMS modem. Is it possible to use the Modem remotly from another server via telnet ? Thanks in advance.


What do you mean by “use”?

for that you need to find/create a telnet/serial-port bridge

We are using the SMS modem to authenticate users. Now the modem is directly connected, but we want install the authentication software on a virtual machine and then send sms using telnet to the SMS modem.


What users :question:

Users of what :question:

Connected to what :question:

What “authentication software” :question:

:question: :question: :question:

I still have no idea what you’re actually trying to achieve here!

You need to take time to give a clear, complete, and detailed description.
A diagram (or diagrams) would certainly help!

Remember: nobody here knows anything at all about you or your project apart from what you state in your posts - at the moment, your posts have been far too brief and sketchy to grasp what you’re asking!

Have you spoken to your Distributor about this? It would probably be far easier to discuss this face-to-face…

Why do you need a modem at all? You appear to be relying upon network connections (Telnet, etc), so why not just use them for sending & receiving your SMS?
See: viewtopic.php?f=53&t=3729&p=14804&hilit=bulk+sms#p14804
etc, …

We have a server. On that server we have authentication software installed (Blackshield). The software is used to authenticate users from our Windows domain that try to connect to to our SSL VPN.

Directly connected to that server, we have a wavecom Fasttrack Supreme connected by RS232. We want to move the authentication software to a virtual machine. As we cannot connect the SMS modem directly to our Virtual machine, we want to use the SMS modem remotely. The authentication software has the possibillity to connect to the SMS modem through Telnet to send out SMS. Is that possible with this SMS modem ?


Thanks - that makes more sense now.

From that description, I certainly think that you’d be far better off to ditch the modem and use an online SMS service; here are some examples:

You can even use Skype!

Thanks for your support.
i will have a look at that.