API dedicated to FASTRACK SUPREME 20

I’m searching for PDF files with same API dedicated to FASTRACK SUPREME 20. I must find how to set up pins on my 16-pins connector and how to use GPS in simple way. My e-mail adress is T.Noruk@stud.elka.pw.edu.pl. I will be thankful.

Wavecom don’t work that way.

You need to go to the Fastrack Supreme page in the Products section of the Wavecom site:
wavecom.com/modules/movie/sc … ck_Supreme

Then look on the ‘Downloads’ tab:
Under ‘Open AT Software Suite’ you can download the complete Software Development Kit (SDK) - which includes the API documentation.

And look under ‘Plug-Ins’ for the GPS stuff.

You will (probably) need to be logged-in to see this stuff - the sign-up is free.

If you want private, personal support then you should be speaking to your Distributor.
Or engaging a consultant.

Thanks for support :wink: