Implementation of Server using OpenAT



  I am using the Fastrack Supreme. For that i would like to implement one Webserver, whic maintains the all the information of the Mechines (By GSM/GPRS)  that is provided by the Fastrack Supreme. My doubt is in the implementation of the server i have to use the Same socket API for the server? Could you please give me suggestions in implementation of Web Server to maintain the database of all the Fastrack Supreme.



Your post is not clear:

Do you mean you want to implement a web server in a Fastrack supreme?

Or do you want to implement a webserver on some other platform, and the Fastrack Supreme(s) will be its client(s)?

Or what?



Is this the same project: … php?p=6766 :question:


It’s going to be much simpler for you to use Open AT, and load your code in the Wavecom CPU, than piloting it through AT commands from a remote CPU. Have a look at the doc for ADL (generic CPU handling API) and WIPlib (C API for TCP/IP networking).

I also heard that Wavecom’s going to make a very interesting product announcement for you in the near future, so stay tuned :wink:


That very much depends on what he means by this “webserver” - which is not at all clear to me from the original post! :confused:

If he’s trying to give his machines a web interface, so that they can be viewed remotely from any standard web browser, then doing it all as an Open-AT application in the Fastrack Supreme certainly makes sense.

But if he’s talking about a central server to manage a set of remote machines, then the server would most likely not be on a Wavecom platform. In this case, I presume the Fastrack Supreme(s) would be client(s)… :question:


In that case, the HTTP clients on the Wavecom CPUs would have to poll the central regularly; I wouldn’t like to be the one paying the GPRS bills… In such a case, there’d be little point using HTTP at all, just develop a tiny telnet-like server, that answers the central machine’s requests. If you need a standard verbose HTTP protocol, let it up to the central node to transcribe that couple of commands into HTTP for the rest of the world.


Quite so.

That’s why the OP really needs to expain his requirement properly.


You might want to have a look at Open AT Lua, that will solve your problem in a much simpler way than AT commands: … _openatlua

Among other, there’s a sample that implements a simple web server: … HttpServer

(although being “simple”, it handles mime types, dynamic page generation and compilation caching, page code sandboxing… all of this in barely more than 100 lines of code :smiley:)

Generally speaking, switching from AT commands to Open AT Lua will greatly simplify your development, as you’ll retain all the flexibility while being able to delegate programmatic behavior to the WCPU.