Http server on Fastrack supreme



I need to create web server on fastrack supreme. It has to be on http level (similar to http client example provided with a M2M studio). General idea is to connect remotely to wavecom module using a web browser (firefox) and then get a response from a module (simple web page form).
Any suggestions?

P.S. I would like to avoid LUA.



You do realise that this will require a Public IP address (or some sort of VPN) for your Fastrack, don’t you…?

And if it’s not also a Static IP address, you will need some means to determine what the IP address is…!


I have static IP, so it isn’t a problem


Static is necessary, but not sufficient - it needs to be both Static and Public…



Check out the tcp_server example in the WIP plugin directory.

You will have to write your own HTTP handling routines though - I strongly recommend that you read (and understand) HTTP made really easy before starting the HTTP part.

That said - it’s relatively straight forward - I’ve done it on a Q2686H.

BUT, if you cant get a PUBLIC ip address from your ISP (i.e. an address that doesn’t start with 10.x.x.x (/8) or 172.16.x.x (/12) or 192.168.x.x (/16)) you are hosed before you begin. Most mobile networks I have worked on do NOT provide public/routable IP addresses - there simply aren’t enough IPV4 addresses left to provide one to every mobile phone.

You don’t really require a static IP address if you can use one of the Dynamic DNS providers to map the current IP address to a fixed domain name. I used DynDNS to do this - writing the DDNS client was pretty trivial.

If you are writing a server to listen on the Ethernet interface provided by the IESM card for the Supreme, the above doesn’t really apply, as you have control of your local ethernet network.

ciao, Dave


Yes - that’s the kind of thing I meant by, “some means to determine what the IP address is…!”


Ok, I have an IP adress which is both static and public.



Can you help me to write de DDNS client, I’m trying to do it, but I get no results…

Thanks in advance…