GPRS(Static & Dynamic IP addresses)



 I trying to test the Fastrack Supreme20 to connect the server using GPRS. . My server IP address is Dynamic IP. Is it possible to communicate to the Dynamic IP. If yes, anybody  please tell me how it is possible?. We don't have any static IP. 

Please give me the solution for this.



Of course it is - once you know what the IP address is, it makes no difference how it was assigned!

Or is your real question, “how to determine the IP address”?

Or are you really asking about “private” IP addresses?

Please clarify the question



I am developed simple TCP/IP Client - Server socket program in Microsoft Visual Studio using winsock API. i'e both Client and Server contain dynamic IP. These both are communicating. Now i connected the Wavecom Fastrack to the same server but i am getting the error codes like +CME ERROR:842. 

My question is is it possible to communicate Wavecom Fastrack GPRS Modem to the server with dynamic IP. If it is possible please tell me how?

From 2days i am fighting with this. Please give me the solution.



Are these both PCs?
Are they both directly connected on the same LAN?
How does the client discover the server’s IP address?

Can they connect if the client uses a dial-up connection?

Have you looked-up what that error code means?

eg, see: … hlight=842

What do you mean by error codes “like” +CME ERROR:842 ?
What other codes are you seeing?

Of course it is - how the address is assigned is irrelevant!

First, you need to tell the Fastrack what IP address to connect to - how do you do that?

Remember that the Fastrack is external to your LAN - so you will also need to verify that the server is accessible to external devices.
Have you checked the settings on your router(s), firewall(s), etc?


There is 2PC’s. The client (Fastrack Supreme) connected to UART port of PC( And the server is( where i am running the Server side socket program. Server is in Lieten mode… But GPRS is not working. Below i mentioned the ATcammands that i am using for GPRS communication and there responce. Please go through that. And give me the solution for this.

+WIND: 13

+WIND: 12,0

+WIND: 12,1



192.168… IP addresses are not visible outside your LAN!

You cannot directly contact a 192.168… IP addresses from any external network - whether GPRS, dial-up, or anything else.

You will either have to set up your server with a Public IP address, or configure port-forwarding or somesuch on your router and/or firewall…

This has nothing to do with dynamic allocation of the addresses.

Search the forum for “Private IP” or “192.168” etc…

eg: … ht=192+168


Note that the PC application is the Client here - not the Fastrack.

The Fastrack is simply acting as a modem; ie, a transparent communication link…


You might want to take a look at this tutorial, which gives an overview of GPRS: … torial.pdf

And this is a far more detailed study: … etter.html

Of course, as you’re working with IP networks, you will also need to have at least a working understanding of how IP networking works - with IP addresses, routers, firewalls, etc, etc…


How are you going to develop you applications if you don’t know the elementary knowledge of TCP/IP protocol and GPRS communications??