Fastrack Supreme 10 - gprs connection to server



I am new in GPRS modem comunication. I have Fastrack Supreme 10. I looked at WIP commands, and i got to point where i get CONNECT but from this point one I cant send data to my application that is listening on specific port in my example 8221, i set it that when connection comes that server sends some random data back to client, but when i wrote at+wipcreate=1,1,8221,<ip_address>,8221 I didn’t get any response. my commands are wipcfg,wipbr (apn username password), all OK, but when read write comes it stopes my client didnt even connect to server. do i need some other commands to establish connection? I went true examples that are in “AT user guide for wavecom v5.01” but upd or tcp client didnt receive/send any data.

I would be very happy for some tips or specific answer. (sorry all for my bad english)

Thank you!