TCP connection fails after a few seconds with Fastrack 10

I am using the Fastrack Supreme 10 to establish a TCP connection to a remote server who listens to an open tcp port.
I have started a new project with M2M Studio using the tcp_client sample.
I have changed the parameters in entry_point.c with the remote ip and port:

#define PEER_STRADDR       "";
#define PEER_PORT             1234;

and in cfg_gprs.c with

#define GPRS_APN            ""
#define GPRS_USER          "user"
#define GPRS_PASSWORD  "pass"
#define GPRS_PINCODE     "SIM's PIN number"

I have downloaded the .dwl file in the Fastrack and activated the settings using AT commands in
AT_Command_Interface_Guide_Open_AT_Firmware_7.4.pdf page 97 for GPRS. After I enter AT+WOPEN=1 and AT+CFUN=1 for restart I see the red led blinking indicating data exchange but stops blinking after a few seconds. And I see no data incoming at the server program.

What I need to know is

1)why the connections stops after a few seconds?
2) I have also tried the AT commands in AT Commands User Guide for Wavecom IP v5.01.pdf page 92 for GPRS. Whenever I enter these commands in shell I get an error. What is the difference with those commands? Should I use these or from the other manual?

This is what u used for opening the bearer or are just for us to catch the ideea ?

What red LED do you mean here?

The red LED on the Fastrack (next to the SIM holder) does not indicate “data exchange” - it indicates registration status.
See the User Guide for details…

Just wanted to show what I changed in the sample I am using. Besides those field I left everything intact. Where the GPRS_PINCODE goes, I have to enter the SIM’s PIN number, or something else goes there?

My apologies, I refer to this LED precisely. What troubles me is that it goes out of registration after a few seconds(it blinks at the beggining and then stays solid).
Is it supposed to act this way? How come I don’t detect data on the server side?
I also notice that with the command AT+CGPADDR I don’t see the PDP address my modem gets, only the PDP context identifier it has.

If the LED stays solid, then you have no GSM (and, therefore, GPRS) service.

With no service, the device clearly cannot send or receive anything!

You need to investigate why it has no service…