Wavecom fastrack supreme 10 question


HI guys, i have a wavecom fastrack supreme 10 modem, i noticed at the side there is a port (not a serial port) which looks like a vga port (shown in picture). May i know what is it for?

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That is the serial port!

It uses a 15-pin connector because there are also some additional signals on it.

It’s all fully documented in the User Guide!


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i also have a project to program the gsm modem to intrepret sms strings and send certain signals on the interfaces, though I have basic knowledge of AT commands(send sms, recieve sms) i want know if that scenario is possible via AT commands??


No, not with AT commands alone - you would need either an Open-AT application within the Fastrack, or an external processor.


i have download the Open AT software suite, can i use that to develop the application? and how may i know if my modem has the open at application



hi all,

I want to use UART1 to control the other module(such as RF module), which has interface only 2 Wire RXD Serial data receiving, TXD Serial data transmitting. I read fasttrack supreme user guild, but don’t know how to control it, in the Q2687H_CDG application note for main serial: "The Q2687 UART1 is designed to operate using all the serial interface signals. In particular, it is mandatory to use RTS and CTS for hardware flow control in order to avoid data corruption during transmission. "

i’m wondering how to using it with the application only two signal RXD and TXD.


Use “AT+IFC=0,0”. This change the UART configuration to no flow control. In this way you only need 3 wires: Tx, Rx and GND.
This must be send to the specific UART on AT Mode. After it you can change to Data Mode.


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