Sony Ericsson support

I have a question regarding GPRS connections and the sony ericson GR47 module. I don’t think it uses the Open AT commands (I haven’t looked at them yet). But I am fairly familiar with its AT commands. Anyway…

Is this the correct place to ask this? I can make a GRPS connection using their M2M AT commands, and also make a connection using their scripting language (C look alike), however using the plain old AT commands.

I get a “Connected” and nothing else… no PPP communications, nothing, I can’t type anything, I assume that its in data mode because I can type “+++AT” (the escape sequence) and it returns me to the AT prompt where I can type AT commands again (but all the AT commands that are to return IP addresses return nothing). I can type ATO which puts me back into online mode again.

Does anyone have any ideas? of what is possibly wrong or where I should ask this question?

No, this is not the right place!

We are discussing modules of a company called Wavecom here… Support questions about modules manufactured by other companies should not be asked here…

How about you contact Sony Ericson support or the place where you got the module from, to find out what support options / contacts are available…

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Err… but Wavecom purchased Sony-Ericsson’s M2M business earlier this year!

So the GR47 is now a Wavecom product! … -ericsson#

Not Open-AT, though…

Thanks awneil!

Haven’t read that… I guess they should setup another forum to support those modules then…

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I thought the ex-Sony-Ericsson products appeared in the ‘Products’ section of the Wavecom website - but now they seem to be gone! :frowning:

Yes! :bulb: