Fargo Maestro 100 Lite


Using Hyperterminal as a test platform I have been trying to create a GPRS connection to the internet so that I can send a FTP file.

I have sent the following AT commands but can not progress once I have to enter AT# commands

AT Reponds OK
AT+CGATT=1 Reponds OK
AT+CGREG=1 Responds +CGREG: 1
AT#GPRSMODE=1 No Response
AT#APNSERV=“o2,mobile.co.uk” No Repsonse
AT#APNUn=“user” No Repsonse
AT#APNPW=“password” No Repsonse
AT#ConnectionStart No Repsonse

Can anyone tell me what mistake I have made


AT#COMMAND is the command of edsoft of Q24,not for GR64,the special command of GR64 is ATCOMMAND,such as ATE2IPA=1,1/AT*E2IPO=1,“XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX”,PORT.