New Q24 Wireless CPU is dead After downloaded "Hello World"

Hi ,

I have tested the Q24 Plus modem by sending basic AT commands through the Hyper terminal in COM 1.
It gave proper response with “OK” and works fine.

Then i try to download the “Hello World” program through the same hyper terminal by issuing commands as follows:



Then i send the Hello World “.dwl” file through the hyper terminal.
Once the process is completed it displayed “END OF DOWNLOAD” on hyperterminal.

Then i gave

And then the Hardware is not at all responded.
I canot able to communicate with WCPU at all.

Can please any one explain me how to solve this problem?
Is any need to download the core firmware to the WCPU? If it is can you explain how?
Please send the details about the “Starter kit WISMO2D-10 v1.0” Board as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hi rethinam,

-> I think your download processing got a problem. Normally, when download completed, it just display “$$$$…” continue until you reset the WCPU via AT+CFUN=1.
In this case, you should download the firmware using dwlWin program ( the file to download is .wpb file, get it form Distributor).

Mr.trthaithong is right just Reinstall the Firmware using DWLwin Software…You can get installed from your Distributor. If you want you can upgrade the current versions also…