Q24 dead after downloading hello_World demo


I just purchased a Q24 dev board and downloaded the Demo S/W…Now the unit only sends “OK” every 8 seconds.

Can someone please guide me in the right direction?

Is there any way I can stop the embeded app running?

Thanks for your help!


Hi George,

in the current Q240x modules, I think the only thing you could do is to reflash the core firmware using the boot pin and the DWLWIN tool. This tool may not be available to you as I read in other posts… In this case you would need to send the modem to your distributor for repair.

I am not sure if there is a new way of resetting the new Q24 modules… Maybe try to contact your distributor to find out…

Best Regards,

Hi Jan,
Thanks for your quick response!

This is not the solution I was after but life can be tough!

I cannot belive that a simple download can render the unit useless like that!!

I am a little upset as I had fully developed my product using the GT/GR47 and was ready to go into production just before wavecom discontinued it. Now I need to develop on a new platform that seems to have many bugs…

I hope things get better!!

Thanks again!

Hi George,

I got into a similar situation the other week. Managed to paste the at+wdwl
command into hyperterminal in a small time window that allows commands every 8seconds.
If you can’t send any at commands, then yes, you will need to set the boot pin to gnd via a 1kohm resistor, and use the DWLWIN tool, to erase the problem application.
I’ve just done that operation just now. You should ask your distributor for the tool.


I have a Q24 Plus with a SIM Holder (Q24PL003), and after I had downloaded the Hello_World example using HyperTerminal just with RXD1 and TXD1 serial pins(with no flow control) the device crashed, and did NOT answer any AT command. I tried to use Dwlwin to download the full OS 6.57 but the program can’t communicate with the device, it looks that the module don’t answer any command… For that, I plugged the q24 module in the wismo starter kit v5.0 and set the BOOT key (SW102) in low position. But there is no communication between the Dwlwin and the wavecom module.
Does anyone had something like this ??
What should I do to fix it?

thanks !!


I’m experiencing a very similar problem to this - I loaded code on a brand new M1306B runnning Q24PL 6.57 and as soon as I typed AT+WOPEN=1 the module went silent. It appears to reset every 10s and does not accept AT commands.

DWLWIN doesn’t work either so it’s not looking good… I think this is the second module I’ve seen this problem on.

I swapped all cables and still nothing… at least I see now other people are having the same prob!

I’m going to return to distributor but not sure what they’re going to be able to do either…

We have discovered what our problem is…may or may not be the same as some of yours above as symptoms are slightly different.

I just opened the fast-track that stopped working to find that it has a Q2406B inside it. Even though it is running 6.57 OS, that explains why it dies after loading the code, because all our code is now compiled for the Q24PL.

Our understanding was that Q2406B would not be supplied any more after the introduction of Q24PL which we’ve been using on our custom modules.

Hi there,

My G24Plus module has died and I can’t communicate with it even though there is power running through it. Though the current blog has been helpful. I don’t know how I am even going to flash the ROM if I can’t communicate with it.

It was running fine but after downloading the sample code, Sound that comes bundled with Open AT I can’t communicate with the module or upload any code. In that I mean, the TMT or Terminal Emulator can’t connect with the module when I do the autodetect stuff etc. I have also been changing the serial ports baud rates as well but still nothing.

I may have inadvertently turned the module off and on while it was downloading.

Does any one have any helpful suggestions apart from the obvious one of returning the module to the distributor for repairs?



Hi again,

Just updating what happened to my Q24Plus.

My humble apologies, the Technical Director of the company that I am working with on my project has said that I had cooked my Q24Plus by having the voltage too high and that I will have to buy a new one. Se la vie!