Q2687 not responding and DS misterious error

I have two problems with Q2687 and Developer Studio.


Q2687 is not responding.
It does’n respond to AT commands on any port.
DwlWin does not work - it can’t connect to the module either via USB or UART1
I put the Q2687 in the “off” state and set the BOOT mode. Then I start the DWLWin and turn on the module. No results though.
Is there a way to do a “factory reset” or upload the firmware/bootlader again in this situation? How?

Problem #2
I get an error each time I try to upload my application through the Developer Studio:

Due to following reasons the file can't be loaded:
DWL file read overflow

What does that actually mean, and how to fix it? I’ve tried to reset the Developer Studio and PC, but with no results.

Than you in advance for any help.
BR, Pawel

Shortly after RESET it is possible to send some AT commands through the USB.
To almost all of them the modem responds: ERROR
The only difference I have noticed are:
AT+CFUN=1 (it restarts the modem)
AT+WDWL responds with +WDWL: 0
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Hi Pawel,

For Problem #1,
From your message, seems like the module cannot boot properly.

FW re-download is needed, either DwlWin or by X-modem method.

Try RESET the module several times when DwlWin waiting for module and see if it can detect the module.

For Problem #2,
Are you using another module for this case?
Are you using latest version of DS?
What’s the size of your application and if it fits the module memory?
Are you able to build and download sample application comes with DS?

Hope it help.

My fault was trying to download the firmware through the USB. Unfortunately each time the modem receives AT+CFUN=1 the USB port disappears from the system for a while. This makes DWLWin completely useless with USB connection.
Fortunately everything worked out with standard RS232 cable.

I have followed your suggestions and it turned out that the DWL file was too big - reducing the program solved this issue.
Is there a possibility to resize the memory so as to be able to upload bigger DWL files?

Thank you for your help.

Hi Pawel,

You are welcome.
To resize the memory, please check the AT command interface guide.

To check the current configured A&D and OAT

You can set smaller size for A&D to allow more space for OAT, for example:
(reset to take effect)

Beside that, variance of modules with different memory size available previously, e.g. G and H.

Hope this help.