NO response from Q2501B

Hi, I was working on Q2501. I downloaded a file (.dwl) of more than 900 Kb using 1K XModem protocol through hyper terminal. The download stoped at aprox. 600Kb and after that its not responding even after reset. Its not even echos the sent data and doesn’t sending OK after AT. If somebody has idea about the mentioned problem then please do let me know. It really urgent…
Thanks in advance.

First you should check if your A&D space is correctly set to be able to receive such a big program with AT+WOPEN=6. In future, instead of using the DWL file you should use the wpb.dwl, it is usually a bit smaller.
Now that your modem is stuck, you should re-install the firmware with DWLWin. It is the often the only way to get it running again. If you don’t have all that, ask your distributor about it.
But now that your problem is solved I’d like to know one thing: how many lines of code did you write to achieve a binary size of 900kb? 100.000? More?



Did you use hardware flow control?