Is my modem toast? Can't download firmware.

Hi, I am using an XModem serial connection to try to download R7.52.0_q2686RD.dwl. I have hardware flow control @ 115200.

I have downloaded this successfully in the past but can no longer do so since a firmware upgrade failed mid transfer. When I turn the modem on it comes back with “+WDWL” instead of the usual “OK”.

I can download dwl.dwl successfully, then I reset with AT+CFUN=1.

I then attempt to download the firmware. It transfers around two thirds of the 1.5MB file, then hangs. I have tried two different terminal programs and many different settings.

How can I recover the modem?


It sounds like there isn’t enough flash allocated to the download area of the A&D flash in the modem. Use


to check the sizes currently set and adjust the amounts required. Have you read the 7.52 release notes to see if changing the flash settings is required?

Otherwise, If you’ve got access to the BOOT pin, then you can use the Windows application DWLwin (available in the developer zone web site) to do the firmware update using the .wpk file rather than the .dwl file. I’m not sure if the .wpk files are still available in the developer zone site - you might have to talk to your distributor to get the right file.

Ciao, Dave

Thanks for the reply,

The AT+WOPEN command returns “ERROR”.

I will try and get hold of the WPK files. Is there no way to upload them on here?

Is there a firmware file that is smaller (It stops working at around 1MB). Perhaps I could download that first to get the WOPEN command, then upgrade?


Sounds like the modem is stuck in bootloader mode.

Try using FW 7.47.6 - the dwl file is 1.2M. If that loads then you should be able to resize the A&D area using AT+WOPEN. I’ve just checked on the developer site and it’s not there either - but have a search through the files in your Dev Studio installation for


ciao, Dave