Firmware update

Good Morning,
I have a Wavecom Fastrack 1306B with firmware version 6.55.

Command ATI3 responds:

655_09gg.Q2406B 2015268 111705 17:01

I want to update the firmware to 6.57 so I take the file:


from my CD of OpenAT 3.12.

I have downloaded this file to modem using pyTkTerm 1.16 and after downloading, command ATI3 responds:

657_09gg.Q2406B 1954500 102706 18:44

and I think it’s ok but when a try to download a simple application like HelloWorld the modem freezes and only a hardware reset allow me to take control of the modem.

I forgot something in updating firmware?
Thank you very much.


Hi Lorenzo,

did you download the downloader before the 657__full_q2406b.dwl? I don’t know if this is required when upgrading vom 655 to 657, but in earlier versions (I still use) I always send a small file called dwl.dwl first…

Best Regards,

Thank you jan.
I found the dwl.dwl file, I have downloaded and after that downloaded the new firmware but when I reset the modem (at+cfun=1) and try to download my application the download stops at about 55%.

I have to erase something to give space to my application?

Hi Lorenzo,

what is the result of



Also, please try if the download also stops when another program is used. I think the problem should not be due to pyTkTerm, but you never now…

Best Regards,

Thank you Jan for your support.

To download the new firmware I follow this points:

[08:41:59] at+wdwl
[08:41:59] +WDWL: 0

Then I send the command to download the 2 file without any reset between the 2 download:


After that:

[08:47:40-F] at+cfun=1
[08:47:41] OK
[08:47:45] ati3
[08:47:45] 657_09gg.Q2406B 1954500 102706 18:44
[08:47:45] OK
[08:47:55] at+wopen=2
[08:47:55] +WOPEN: 2,"AT  v03.12","AT  v03.12"
[08:47:55] OK

I have another question: You confirm me that using OpenAT OS 3.12 I must use a modem with 6.57 firmware (and not 6.55)?

Thank you very much

Hi daimoniro !

I think you have to reset the module (AT+CFUN=1) between the 2 download.

I had to do it for the firmware update of my Q2501 module. And it works perfectly.

Hope it helps !

Hi Lorenzo,

I think it’s better to do a at+cfun=1 between downloading the dwl.dwl and the core firmware. And then to start download again with at+wdwl, so that the correct downloader is used to download the core firmware… (I agree with colin-tfe)

The firmware and OpenAT version are OK… 6.55 was for OpenAT 3.10 I believe, so you are using the right versions.

It looks like your target application is installed already (this seems a little weird since the download didn’t quite succed, so I would believe this is a bug in the core firmware… I had a similar problem with OpenAT 4.0 on another module…)

Please try if you are able to erase the application with at+wopen=4 after enabling better error reporting with at+cmee=1. If you get an error it does behave exactly as the problem I had, and I could only solve this by reflashing the module with boot pin and DWLWIN tool.

Good Luck,

I have done the AT+CFUN=1 between the 2 download,
I enabled the AT+CMEE=1,

but the command

AT+WOPEN=4 returns

(the embedded application is activated so the objects flash are not erased )

I try to stop the embedded application with AT+WOPEN=0 but AT+WOPEN=4 returns the same thing.

Is like your problem,Jan?

Exactly. That’s what happened to me!!

Seems to be a bug… Even across OpenAT versions…

Best Regards,

Ok, so I must return to 6.55. Unfortunately I have OpenAT OS 3.12 and maybe there is some problem between modem firmware version and OS version.

In particular I have some problem with DOTA because the modem freezes on adInstall. I know that is a recurrent thread in the forum but You have some magic advice for me?

Thank you very much

I think the problem is that they show the application to be there and than you are tempted to start it anyway (even though there was an error in the download… that’s what I think I did…) and then you can’t delete it anymore, even if stopped and also looks like it is stopped… Oh well… If you have access to DWLWIN it would be worth a try to reflash the module that way. It fixed it for me…

Unfortunately, I haven’t done anything with DOTA yet…

Best Regards,