Firmware 641b09gg.Q2406B 1339080 041604 16:04

Where I can find these files:
pro-dwl.wpb (or pro-dwl.bin)

I need these files to repair a modem M1306b with DWLWIN.

I guess for this you need to get in touch with your distributor.


Ok, but the modem I bought used.
You know any websites where you can freely download the files?

I can send it to you. Please post me your email for firmware.

I have sent you a private message with my email.

Hello blackyblack!

I update the firmware of the version 641b, to the 657 version, and the module is faulty.

I have used the original firmware 641b you sent me, but I get the error ‘BAD SOFTWARE’.

I think the problem is that I had to lose the DOTA parameters???

Any ideas to repair the original version 641b of the module?


Could be repaired with DWLWIN, with 657 version files(prodwl.wpb, w.e2p q2406b.e2p and dota.e2p)?


Do you use dwlwin properly? Try to restore it to the older version (6.41b) with dwlwin following this sequence: write in your module prodwl.wpb only. Then reboot your module and write in all other files excluding prodwl.wpb. Reboot your module and remove boot signal from pin.

I tried it so. But the error ‘BAD SOFTWARE’ continues.
I think the problem is has to have tried then updated to 6.57 version.