Help with Q2406E

I would like to ask your help with this gsm modem:

this is the result of ATI3 command:

652C09gg.Q2406E 648 122306 15:31

It says Q2406E even if the board shows Q2403

I need your help because I need firmware upgrade for this gsm modem
I did a try with 657h00_full_q2406b.dwl but without success
While uploading firmware the modem interrupts the xmodem download

I was able to do the upgrade of the downloader, this is the output of AT+WDWL command:

+WDWL: V02.1G

Before the dwl upgrade it was V02.18

I think that I’m stuck because the firmware is for Q2406B (32MB) but the board is Q2406E (64MB)
But there is no firmware for Q2406E

I’m trying firmware upgrade because the board outputs BAD SOFTWARE after 1-2 hours of work.
While working the modem works well and I’m able to send and receive SMS
But after a while it prints BAD SOFTWARE even if in idle and without any command sent to the modem.

Please help me, any help will be very appreciated.


You can ask FAE for the correct firmware.


Thanks for your reply,

I’m not aware of who/what is my FAE.

I bought this gsm modem online from Amazon.

As you can see by the picture it has a Wavecom chip onboad and Sierra Wireless seems to give support for this chip.

I really hope I can get help from this forum
Without your support this modem is like a brick because it hasn’t a working firmare.

It seems that Sierra Wireless is a trustworthy company so I hope I can find support here.

I really don’t know how to contact a FAE, is there any way to find the for my gsm modem board?