Where can I get 6.52 firmware for my Q2406?

I need firmware 6.52 to reflash my q2406b module. Currently it’s like half dead, couse it doesn’t respond any command. It only keeps sending WIND and CGEV response.
I have ask my distributor but they can provide it. Infact they don’t understand what I ask for, they only know to sell, but they have no after sale service. I also have search all this forum and doing ‘google’ but I can not found ones.
Anyone have those firmware please be kind to share with my, at least let know what is the link to download.
Or maybe there is another solution to fix the problem.
Thank you.

Try load some Wavecom Open AT SDK v3.xx.zip. Registration may be needed.


Thank ljweko,
I’m a newbie in openat stuff. I get resources I need to learn openat.
Best regards

q2406 may not surpport the 6.52FW

Wavecom Open AT SDK v3.xx supports Q2406 devices.