Wavecom Q2406B GSM Modem and DWLWin Status - Cannot boot up remote CPU

I have been trying to download firmware to my GSM Modem using DWLWin. However every time I initiate the download it stops after a second and I get this message “Status - Cannot boot up remote CPU”.

My GSM is plugged in with all Lights on and all ports appear on device manager, does anyone know how I can solve this.

Or can I use Hyperterminal to download the E2P file with Xmodem to the GSM Modem

Hi @johncolours23 ,

  1. Please put the modem into Bootloader mode then try again.
  1. Let try going thru the AirPrime_WMP_Series_Dev_Kit_SW_Download_Manual-Rev002_fix.pdf (1.2 MB). It might help to answer your question

Please share any concerns you have and help tick Solution if my response is helpful

Hi I am trying to put the Modem in Bootloader mode but I don’t know how to do it

I have removed one of the sim slots which is near the power switch (I assumed the bootpin would be near the power switch).

Where is the bootpin and how do I ground it ?

Kindly have a look at the attached and let me know.