Hyperterminal to upload a E2P file to GSM MODEM

Is it possible to upload a E2P file using Hyperterminal to my GSM Modem ?

Which module are you using?
If you are taking about Q26 series, you can try DWLWIN.

I am using Q2406B GSM Modem but every time I try to use DWLWIN I get “Status - Cannot boot up remote CPU”. I don’t why this keeps happening. I wanted to know if I could upload an E2P file with Hyperterminal

then can you download FW using DWLWIN?

I can’t download anything with DWLWin I keep getting the " Cannot boot remote CPU" on the DWLWin console

I read somewhere that I can use Hyperterminal with AT Command AT+WDWL then use the file transfer function to download the Firmware

Yes, but you need to have dwl format file

Ah okay so when using Hyperterminal can only upload files to the modem in dwl file format. I cant upload any E2P files or BIN files.

Is that correct? I did read somewhere that E2P files can be uploaded with Hyperterminal to the GSM

+wdwl only accepts dwl format

Is it using DWLWIN tool

I know with DWLWIN Tool I can download E2P files into the GSM but I now understand that DWLWIN will not work unless I do something with bootpin to put the the Modem in Bootloader mode

Yes, you need to use boot mode

Is the bootpin the only way to put the Modem in bootloader mode ?

Because I have no clue how to do that and I have read that It involves opening the GSM

I think so…,