To upgrade the firmware problem for help

I will not use hyperterminal to upgrade DWL file, use Dwlwin tool to upgrade the firmware, excuse me, WPB e2p file, where to download?
Whether the publicity documents?


Please refer to the AIrprime WMP development kit -software download procedure tutorial(provided on Sierra Wireless developer zone site)
Also,for downloading firmware E2P files :Using “Download” tab following files should be downloaded :
2.module specific firmware e2p file(for example : q24pl002.e2p)
3.w.e2p file

Start downloading the files.Once you start to download,once reset the module using reset pin.


Such documents, bin, e2p, WBP, where download, can you provide a download link, and the specific point….

I am Chinese, English a little look not to understand, I’m sorry