Updating Q24 firmware


I’m working with Q24PL003 modules, and I’m unable to load ANY DWL (or wpb) files to the modem. I’ve tried both the M2M Studio (Build Version 1.0.2) and Hyperterminal (using the AT+WDWL command and then using 1K XModem to send the file). Neither method works – M2M simply states there was an error while Hyperterminal performs 3-4 retries and then fails.

Here’s my details:

657d09gg.Q24PL003 1956364 052907 16:50
+WDWL: V02.1C

What I’d really like to do is update from 6.57d to 6.57f. Can anyone provide a procedure for doing this? I’ve tried both Hyperterminal and M2M to load the DWL file to no avail.

I’ve followed the procedure for updating to 6.57f from the release notes at http://www.sierrawireless.com/en/Support/Downloads/AirPrime/Legacy_Products/~/media/Support_Downloads/AirPrime/Software%20download%20and%20documentation/Sierra%20Wireless%20Open%20AT%20Firmware%20v6-57f%20Release%20Note.ashx

In that release note, it says that the downloader versions must match, otherwise download dwl.dwl first. Since my downloader is v2.01C, and this firmware usese v2.01D, I tried loading dwl.dwl. That didn’t work, and therefore I cannot load 657h00_full_q24pl003.dwl. So, what is my next step???

+WDWL: V02.1C

Maybe you trying to upgrade module without hadware flow control lines (RTS/CTS)?
In my practice some Q24 with 6.57c firmware was upgraded successfully (dwl.dwl + 657h…dwl). So if you can’t use hardware flow, try to use Xmodem-CheckSum instead of Xmodem-1K.