Error upgrade firmware Q24PL001

Hi All.

I try to update my Q24PL001 (legacy modem) firmware with 657h00_full_q24pl001.dwl, of course I upgrade bootloader first. Modem setting setting 115200, 8N1, Hardware.

Bootloader was upgraded succesfully, but firmware upgrade failed (error message like if we click cancel button while hyperterminal downloading firmware to modem).

After that my module not response AT Command at all, led indicator always ON and blink quickly every 15 or 16 seconds, hyperterminal show +WIND: 13 continously after led blink.

From AT_Command_Interface_Guide.pdf i read that +WIND: 13 indicator define as The rack has been detected as Closed.

What can I do to fix this error? :question:


Did firmware upgrade is failed because the downloading of firmware file is cancelled in between of the process.
It is possible that because of this failure ,module is being reset .
Are you using any SIM. Module is trying to register to the network (led is blinking).And the rack is closed and the module is getting reset(giving WIND indication 13)
Can you please once erase the flash and try to download the firmware again.
To erase the flash, DWLWIN tool can be used.
If tool is not available, please contact to your FAE.


Hi Rex_alex,

Yes, it is interrupted in the middle of downloading process.

Yes I’m.

Yes, I think so, and the modem now trapped in infinite loop. :frowning:

I’m using DWLWIN V. (directly download from sierra wireless download page), but it doesn’t work as expected, it always error (see image below), with status message “Boot failure: failed to install the downloader in memory, Failed to boot up the remote target”

Do you think I must use special cable to “play” with boot pin & reset pin?
Please explain where I can get wiring diagram about how to create special cable, because explanation in AirPrime New Q24 Series Customer Design Guideline.pdf confusing me :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: