Major problem after upgrading firmware


Modem: q24pl001
Firmware before: 657_09gg.Q24PL001 1954500 102706 18:44
New firmware: 657e09gg.Q24PL001 1961548 103107 17:56

I did as the firmware release document instructs (FW6.57e release), using hyperterminal:

  1. Check and upgrade downloader
  2. download firmware specific to modem type
  3. use at+cfun=1 to reset modem when download complete and wait for the OK response

The problem is after that, the at+cfun=1 does nothing. The modem needs to be reset by hardware. When reset by hardware, the RF functionality is dead. I cannot attach, the error response is +CME ERROR: 148, with a wonderful wavecom meaning if looked up as “unspecified gprs error”???
Going back to the old firmware does not solve the problem. I have read the AT command set documentation and I cannot find any setting that would somehow disable the cellular features other then not setting the +wfm parameters correctly, which I have checked against a working unit.

I also initially tried to use the WDLWin tool (version, and accidentally erased everything ( objects, customization files, openat application) trying to upgrade the firmware unsuccessfully because it does not support the .dwl file extensions, go figure?

If anyone has any ideas to offer I would really appreciate them, thanks.



Up and running. It turns out that even though the +wfm=2 dump shows parameter “quadband”,1,0 and the parameter +wmbs=5,0 (dual-band 900E/1800 ) setting needed to be set to band value 4 (850/1900). Now that it is set to the correct setting, the +wfm=2 still shows the quadband selection.

Shouldn’t the parameter +wfm=2 “bi8501900”,1,0 be showing, if those are the bands being used?



New problem.
Modem firmware running:

+cgmr = 657e09gg.Q24PL001 1961548 103107 17:56

The open at project wizard:

Open AT OS Path C:\OpenATv3.19\OS\3.14.03
Open AT Firmware Path C:\OpenATv3.19\Firmware\657e
Plug-ins root path:
Linked plug-ins:
WIP 3.10.1030

I have cleaned and rebuild the project using VS2005 and downloaded into the modem. When the application is set to run with:


The modem goes into reset cycles, and the application has to be erase with the DwlWin tool.

Executing at command:

+WOPEN: 2,“AT v03.12”,“AT v03.14”

In the ‘AT Commands Interface Guide’ this means the internal and the latter external open at library versions don’t match. What does that mean, and how do I correct it???
I don’t see how that can be. Does anyone know?