Wavecom Q2406B GSM Modem IMEI Change

I have the Wavecom Q2406B GSM Modem, however I have put in some new sim cards in and the Modem is no longer sending any sms messages.

I have tried AT Commands: AT + EGMR = 1,7,“NEW IMEI”, however I keep getting Error in the Putty Console.

Is there a way to Change the IMEI numbers for the Wavecom Module Ports. I have read some threads about DWL WIN being used to change it.

Has anyone been successful in changing the IMEI or Restoring IMEI of their Wavecom GSM Modem.

If you have Please explain how, whether you used AT Commands or a 3rd Party Program to do it.

My GSM Modem is just here just collecting dust :frowning: .


Please see AT+WIMEI command which can set only the default IMEI :


So couple of notes about it.

  • If the unit has the ‘default’ IMEI of 123456789012345 then you can change the whole thing, units were shipped in this config if customer specifically ordered them as they had their own TAC code. As a result is highly unlikely it will be in this config.
  • If it has been set to something else then you will only be able to change the serial number part of it (so after the first 6 digits).

DWLWin is just used to load firmware or configuration files, you cannot change the IMEI with it.



Okay that makes a lot of sense. I have also been trying to use DWLWin but I keep getting “Status - Cannot boot up remote CPU”. Do you know how I can solve this ?

is there a bootup pin to switch?

What is a bootup pin. I don’t have a bootup pin or anything like that I just plugged in GSM Modem to my Laptop COM Port


There is a boot pin on the system connector of the Q24, it puts the unit into a bootloader mode on power up which the DWLWin tool reacts to, if the unit is not in boot loader mode then DWLWin will not work. Why are you trying to use it?



Ohh okay so that means I have to open up the GSM Modem. How do i then put it in to bootloader mode.

I am trying to upgrade the Firmware. I have DWLWIN and the files, I am just trying to get the files downloaded into the GSM Modem

is that the only way I can put the GSM into bootloader mode or is there any AT Command I can use as an alternative

No, i don’t think so


Might be easier if you used X modem to upgrade the unit, what firmware are you after?



I am not exactly sure what the firmware is but the company I bought the GSM from sent them to me and said I have to use DWLWIN to download it to the GSM or I can use Hyperterminal with File Transfer.

I have learned for the DWLWIN I have to put the GSM in bootloader mode (I need a tutorial on how to do this) and Hyperterminal doesn’t work with downloading E2P Files to the GSM

If I can get DWLWIN to work I think that’s all I need to do it

Status - Cannot boot up remote CPU

This is the issue with DWLWIN I need to resolve

@mlw I can download firmware with Hyperterminal and Xmodem Protocol into the GSM right?

I was told only DWL file format would work with Hyperterminal is this the case? The file format of what I want to download into the GSM is E2P File format.

Can E2P files only be downloaded into the GSM with DWLWIN?


So some clarifications.

  • Xmodem files all end .dwl, you use a terminal program to download these files to the unit.
  • DWLWin is a tool to download .e2p and .wpk files to the unit.

Basic procedure for downloading using Xmodem

  1. Send at+wdwl to the unit.
  2. You will then see $'s being output once per second.
  3. Send the file down to the unit.
  4. Once the download has finished send at+cfun=1,1 to the unit to reset it.

The order the files need to be downloaded in is

  • dwl.dwl (downloader)
  • signaling firmware .dwl.
  • w.dwl (a few additional parameters)



Thank you for clarifying everything.

What I need to do now is activate the bootpin. Is there any detailed manual on how I can open the Modem and activate it without damaging any of the components

I have had a read of a lot of manuals but none are clear on how to do it.

I read in manual Boot = Logical State 0

I have no clue what this means and how to navigate putting the modem in download mode

That means putting the boot pin to ground state

@jyijyi @mlw
I have opened up the the GSM and removed the sim slot nearest to the power switch.

Where is the bootpin and how do I ground it?

Please see attached and let me know

You need to check the hardware schematic.
Btw, why do you need to download e2p file?