Wavecom Q2406B GSM Modem Bootloader Mode

I need a very simple explanation as to how to put my GSM Modem into bootloader mode.

I have little to no knowledge on circuits and motherboards so the explanation has to be as simple as possible, simple enough that a child would be able to understand.

I have attached a picture of the inside of the modem by removing the sim slot closest to the Power switch.

I can remove more sim slots if necessary, Please where can I find the bootpin and how do I ground it

Hi @johncolours23 ,
In theory, some modules will enter Bootloader mode when

  1. Power off the module
  2. Pull the Boot pin to high (Maybe use a jumper to connect to the source
  3. Press reset button

The procedure will be below topic

For your device, I cannot find any relevant document. The attachment is the Q2406 and Q2426
Product Specification Q2406B.pdf (828.6 KB) . You can go thru it for more ideal. Page 41 section 2.15.

The Boot pin might be Pin 12.
Please consult your administrator or distributor before doing anything relating boot system actions.
Please share any concerns you have and help tick “Solution” if my response is helpful

Thank you for the information I have read and had a look at the diagram. I will be honest I have looked at the circuit model then my GSM Module, I have no clue what is what.

I have removed all the ports please can you circle what the bootpin is and how can I ground it.

I have a very small knowledge with design boards

Hi @johncolours23,
As my last comment, each module has a specific procedure for entering the bootloader mode. I went thru some documents to get more information relating to the device but not much info found. You need to contact distributor or reseller for exact steps. Have you tried to investigate the guide book following the device?