Q2686 permanent re-start

I have just loaded a new program to the Q2686 and launched it with at+cfun=1 and at+wopen=1
After that the Q2686 keeps resetting (not detecting at commands).
On the serial port, we get
+WIND: 3

+WIND: 13

+WIND: 12,0

+WIND: 12,1

I have tried DWLWIN to load new another (working example), but I have the same problem.

Thanks for help

Try to download new OS with DWLWin.

I have tried to load the latest Firmware R7.1.a.
Using DWLWIN, I can in a few moments send the new upgrade to the module but it resets
without confirming files reception, so the DWLWIN gives error after transfer
“Cannot establish the communication with the wireless CPU”.
The module keeps resetting but the output is slightly different (after upgrade)

+WIND: 3

+WIND: 14

+WIND: 0

+WIND: 12,0

+WIND: 12,1

Thanks for caring.

There are specific instructions for updating to v7 firmware from earlier verions…

I used that document